Full Body Fascial Fitness Subscription

Full Body Fascial Fitness

https://fullbodyconnection.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Full-Body-Connection-and-Facial-Fitness-by-KaylaAnn-McGowan.mp4 Workout & Meditation SeriesDesigned to Help You Reach Your Goals      As a movement therapist, it’s my job to correct the poor posture and poor Movement habits that underline my clients complaints and symptoms. This subscription is my attempt to show you what I want to show everyone: The relationship between your posture, […]

Sensorimotor Education for Movement

Sensorimotor Education

$100, 3 classes, 60 mins each. Your own scheduling. We will explore each area of your “posture zones” of the body. We will learn some analytical information about each area you want to work with and it’s relationship to the whole. You will experience softness, fullness and more comfortable in your body. How to listen […]

The Thinking Body: Moving Through Sensation

The Thinking Body: Moving Through Sensation This class is a rolf movement based, facial fitness, and sensory based approach to Essential Proprioception – Seeing with your body. Have you ever felt that walking in your body doesn’t feel the same as it did when you were a teenager? Have you ever been curious to find […]

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