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Rediscover your body’s natural perceptual skills and alignment with Rolf Movement®, where we dive deep into the intricate web of fascia and Somatic Movement. 

Somatic movement, which emphasizes internal body awareness and mindful movement, is the perfect complement to our exploration of fascia. How you feel weight, how you notice the space around you. What does it feel like to walk in a space you like vs not? Together, they form a dynamic duo that can revolutionize the way you move and feel in your body.  

In these Rolf Movement® videos, you’ll learn how to entice yourself and look for the ingredients your movement brain needs. How your own images, anatomy and somatic experience come into play. Evoking greater awareness, slowing down and a brief anatomy lesson of the subject at hand.  Through targeted exercises and hands-on techniques, you’ll discover how to optimize your Movement Brain for improved resilience, efficiency, and perception.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, looking to enhance athletic performance, or simply wanting to move with more grace and ease in your daily life, our classes offer space to be embodied.

Join us each month or subscribe online and experience the transformative power of somatic movement and fascia firsthand. Your body will thank you! 

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