Full Body Fascial Fitness Subscription

Workout & Meditation Series
Designed to Help You Reach Your Goals

     As a movement therapist, it’s my job to correct the poor posture and poor Movement habits that underline my clients complaints and symptoms. This subscription is my attempt to show you what I want to show everyone: The relationship between your posture, your pain, your habits of movement, and your aging process. Building and fostering rest, repair, and health.

     No exercise alone can restore natural strength, flow and health. No metaphor or clever Inspiration less us out of our habits of perception, coordination and meeting.

     We try some things and in the process inspiration lifts us out of our habits of perception, coordination, and meaning. We try some things and in the process we improve our odds of something new to occur, perhaps during an exercise as we allow Ourselves to openly attend to now.

     A movement to openly attend. And movement of open attention we may notice what has been arousing by the exercises, by the inquiry associated with them.

     Feel a sense of impression in your hands and feet and skin each time freshly. Find out if it’s possible for your body to move freely and without a sense of effort.

One Subscription Provides Unlimited Access

  • Access to my entire library of videos
  • + Thousands of creators and coaches
  • + 50,000 workouts and classes
  • + You directly fund me
  • + New workouts
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