KaylaAnn McGowan

KaylaAnn McGowan Full Body Connection VT

Training & Certifications

  • Certified Rolfer
  • Certified Rolf Movement Practicioner
  • Certified 500 Yoga teacher taught for 10yrs, workshops each month.
  • Fascial Yoga Creator
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Nutritional Coach
  • (Bars) Access Consciousness

I actively participate in ongoing training for Rolfing throughout the year. Zoom training for nutrition weekly.


Favorite sayings:

  • If the body is 70% water. Then it doesn’t take much to influence water. You don’t have to press on it too hard. – TW, Advanced Rolfer
  • Change the way people perceive and change their body. – Ida Rolf


Work ahead:

  • 2023 – Advanced Rolfing Certification
  • 2025 – Bio Cranial
  • 2027 – Visceral Manipulation

Hi Human!!!

     KaylaAnn is relatively new to Vermont, having moved “home” with her partner in 2021. In love Vermont, the mountains, lake, streams, and everything the great outdoors has to offer. Getting outside to play, fuels and reenergizes her mind and body. So, a little about KaylaAnn…

     KaylaAnn became a Certified Rolfer, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, and Certified Rolf Movement specialist because she was interested in why she had flat feet and a crooked head, with minimal back pain. How could this change through soft tissue manipulation and functional movement? She found arches in her feet and better posture through the Rolfing 10 series and movement therapy. Helping family and friends was successful, so she took her work one step further. KaylaAnn has owned and operated her private practice since 2014, supporting her clients through Rolfing and integrative movement.

     As a movement therapist, it’s KaylaAnn’s job to correct the poor posture and poor movement habits that underline her clients complaints and symptoms. Having taught creative movement for people of all ages since 2010. Her experience includes teaching multiple styles of yoga, weights, water aerobics, alignment with age. The fan favorite, is experiential anatomy and kinesiology classes, while rolling on the floor like a water balloon. Intrigued yet?

     In her practice KaylaAnn sees many different types of bodies, very few of them are in a state of ease, nor pain free. Few still are aware that there are more effective modalities of healing and pain management than those traditionally recommended by doctors. Slowly, people find their way into the Rolfing 10 Series with nothing but great things to say. The series that even changed her flat feet. A very convinced person then changed their life and went into bodywork from accounting/marketing work.

     She has great results working with clients through The Rolfing 10 Series + movement remapping the body with a somatic approach.

     KaylaAnn has amassed hundreds of hours bringing long term relief to her clients over the years. Other modalities that she practices support the idea of holism. She looks forward to bringing the same experience and understanding to you.

KaylaAnn grew up IN, NM,TX, Turkey, Azores Portugal, and CO. Both of her parents served 25 yrs in the military. She lived in CO for 15yrs, married a Vermonter and now lives in S. Burlington, VT and she operates Full Body Connection as her career and way of life.

In her personal life, she’s likes a long walk, good snacks, creating experiences and time with her husband in Burlington, VT.

What it's like, to work with me

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