Rolfing in Burlington, VT

The Science of Rolfing

     Rolfing in Burlington, VT is a systematic approach to lengthening the body’s whole network of connective tissue through Structural Integration. Simply put, Rolfing is like chiropractic care, for your muscles and Fascia, where aligning the body is the goal – we simply use different methods to do so. The work is slow and gentle, using one-and-one-half-hour – 2 hour sessions to reshape the connective tissues or fascia that inform the body about its shape and determine the limits of its movement.

     As the body learns in each session to move in more natural ways, the work is integrated into one’s daily life. This is where we also embed movement cues to help support perception and coordination with The Fascial Web and Movement Body. Many people go through life thinking and feeling that “my body [broken] like this, and that is just the way I am” but that isn’t the case for most people. I can help retrain your body through Rolfing, to act naturally and correctly again.

     The fascia is a mechanism for restoring the body’s sensory and motor mapping. The body’s maps of itself forms the basis for its motor patterns. Structural integration is a methodology that I use to selectively shift patterns of automatic movement.

     Rolfing is like an active form of massage therapy. The Rolfer uses physical pressure to mobilize restrictions in the connective tissue. The client works with the Rolfer, using breath and movement as tools to facilitate restoration of normalized motor patterns.

     Each session builds on the one before where the structural changes of early sessions form the basis of the integrative work of the later sessions. As the client’s awareness is enhanced the work becomes more understandable and efficient. This is where a two hour session becomes beneficial for more movement awareness.

Those Who Benefit From Rolfing in Burlington, VT

Full Body Connection
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Kendra WardKendra Ward
15:59 13 Mar 23
KaylaAnn is playful, super knowledgeable, and definitely the most gentle Rolfer I have ever worked with. She absolutely loves what she does and it shines out of her when you are with her. Now that I am almost through my ten sessions, I am really noticing how all of the subtle work she has been doing is gathering into my body feeling entirely different in time and space- my pain levels are down and my body is moving with so much more ease. Thank you KaylaAnn!
Mackenzie TurnerMackenzie Turner
20:56 12 Feb 23
I walked into KaylaAnn’s office with only a vague notion of what rolfing is, and soon I was taken on a journey that would have a huge impact on my health. It’s clear that she has a deep expertise on the subject of the human body, and the experience was very collaborative throughout. It honestly does feel like I have an entirely new body at the end of my 10 sessions. I highly recommend KaylaAnn as a guide for the rolfing journey!
Selina BartemySelina Bartemy
16:34 09 Feb 23
KaylaAnn listens to what your body is telling her and does a great job fixing the issues and helping you keep your body healthy.
Amber HechtAmber Hecht
15:23 02 Feb 23
After my first visit with KaylaAnn, I could already see a difference in my posture, was more aware of how I was sitting and could feel the integration over the next couple of weeks. By far the most AMAZING results I saw, were that my abdomen started to not only feel tighter, but I could physically see a difference. I had a baby in 2020 and was very large, which KaylaAnna could tell by feeling my obliques. She did her magic and things began moving back into place! I am so grateful to have found her and looking forward to my next session.
Devon PennyDevon Penny
15:17 14 Jan 23
KaylaAnn is one of the most embodied & connective body/energy workers I've had the privilege of working with. Her knowledge of the body on subtle & anatomical level is beyond incredible and I feel a whole new sense of embodiment and physical wellness since I started rolfing sessions with her. She's also just a really superb human!
Andrea KuppelmeyerAndrea Kuppelmeyer
13:54 19 Nov 22
I had my first ever rolfing/reiki session with KaylaAnn and the experience was phenomenal. First and foremost, she is a wealth of knowledge. She was able to recognize what I had going on within minutes of the session and was able to explain it to me in a way that made sense. Her enthusiasm is contagious and there is no denying her passion for this field. I left the office not only feeling good, but understanding so much more about my body. Thank you KaylaAnn!
Amalie MillhoneAmalie Millhone
15:49 07 Dec 21
Kayla is an awesome person and a phenomenal rolfer! I'm lucky to have found her when I did. My back pain is significantly reduced. I have far fewer bad days and my good days are wonderful. I feel like I'm living in a new body.
Shannon BirchallShannon Birchall
05:31 13 Oct 21
My husband recently finished his 10 series with, Kayla & has been in complete bliss in his own body since!! He was overwhelmed by the results & could not wait to get me in to see her for a rolfing session. I am grateful to say I finally did! I am now halfway through the 10 series. I am more relaxed & connected to myself & the space around me more so than Ive ever been before.Now, whenever I'm feeling discomfort or tension in my body I slow down & check in with myself to invoke curiosity instead of doubting myself & my bodies ability to heal itself.. Kayla & rolfing have taught me & my husband that our meat suits are capable of more than just creating a sustainable & meatocre relationship with gravity... They've showed us that our bodies are intelligent systems that are made with precise mechanics that when properly managed can do more than just walk, run, sleep, repeat, but actually heal itself without any need for long term medical assistance. But it wasn't until we found Rolfing that we actually learned how to do that..You don't have to suffer in your body anymore. There is a way to rewrite your connection to your body & it to itself. Kayla will help you do that. I am so grateful I found Kayla & this practice. It has changed my life. Stay curious & stay connected.
Michael WilsonMichael Wilson
18:29 02 Jun 21
Absolutely wonderful experience. I feel years younger, I can bend again, my swimming is far more mobile and Kayla was amazing to have work ony body. Highly highly reccomend this rolfer. It works.

How Rolfing Works: “The 10 Series”

     Rolfing begins with a series of 10 sessions where we systematically work our way through your entire body. Each session begins and ends with a goal; I inspect your posture and observe the way you move and walk before and after the session. In each session, we focus on a different piece of the body, each on building on the other, to improve the overall structure of your body. The “Rolfing 10 Series” looks like this:

  • Sessions 1-3: The front, back and side of who we are. We start by distinguishing between structural restrictions and limiting habits in the superficial Fascia.
  • Sessions 4-7: We work to release, balance, and realign, the structure/the body in the Deep Facia.
  • Sessions 8-10: As your structure improves, we teach you how to recognize and maintain better balanced positions.
Starting with a goal, and examining the result is how we make progress – if you want to make progress in relieving you body pain make it a goal to attend a session every 2-6 weeks for the best overall results. After the Rolfing 10 Series is complete we can transition to a maintenance model should you continue to need additional care. This is a short project to better posture.

What a Rolfing Session Feels Like

     A Rolfing session feels a lot like a massage, just with more movement. You’ll feel warmth, pressure, a lengthening or stretching of tissue… the work evokes a wide spectrum of sensations. Some parts of the Rolfing and Structural Integration process may feel intense as you feel pain being released from the body. The client is in charge of how intense the session becomes. A session is a gift to yourself and something to look forward to.

What to do After a Session

Take a LONG walk – 30m to an hour, to help your session to integrate.

Consider joinging a Rolf Movement Class between your sessions.

Rolfing is the Bodywork that Redefines Balance

Rolfing is famous for its positive effects on posture, body education, and full body connection.
If this interest you please consider booking a session.

Now, is the time to try something new, for you!

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